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Supporting the community with Southend Emergency Fund

by Owen
by Owen
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The impact of Coronavirus has been felt far and wide and we wanted to do something to help those affected in our local community. So we joined forces with the Southend Emergency Fund to support their excellent work in the area.

Southend Emergency Fund (SEF) has been set up to help people across the Southend-On-Sea area. Many have been left vulnerable by the pandemic and the fund is helping to reach and support those in need by channelling donations, via grants, to a network of local charities and projects which work in the heart of our community. To date, over £66,000 has been raised and 32+ grants have been made to help feed families, deliver vital supplies to the elderly, buy equipment for school children and support a host of other important causes. They have been working closely with organisations such as Southend Harp, SAVS, Packed with Smiles and the Salvation Army to ensure help gets to those who need it.

So where do we come in? Well SEF has been looking for businesses to become ambassadors and help spread the word. They also needed help with creating content for their social media channels and raising the profile of the fund. We were delighted to be able to support in some small way and the team set to work on establishing a creative style and strategy for the design and distribution of content.

SEF has benefitted from the experience of 6rs. They have created targeted messages to develop our online and social media exposure. Their help and expertise has been invaluable.
Alan Kirkman, SEF

The aim of the content has been to draw attention to the work being done by the fund and encourage people to support the cause by making a donation or by becoming an ambassador. Sharing success stories and the accounts of those who have benefited from help has showcased the achievements of the fund to date and demonstrated the practical use of grants and donations. We have increased reach by targeting specific hashtags and tailoring content to different user groups and demographics. Key calls to action have been promoted throughout and a consistent brand style has helped to boost recognition.

The effects of the Coronavirus pandemic will be long-lasting. Whilst some of us attempt to return to something resembling normality, there are many that have been left short of vital resources and are in desperate need of ongoing support. So the fund continues to count on the support of individuals and businesses to provide the necessary help. Schemes such as this are making a real difference in the community and we are proud to support it.

To make a donation, or for more details on how to become an ambassador, visit southendemergencyfund.org.uk

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