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Make your space your own

by Owen
by Owen

The environment in which you work plays a massive part in both your company culture and the client experience. It says a lot about you as a business and can directly impact the morale and productivity of your team.

If you don’t take the time to develop your own space then it can have a negative effect on the functions of the company. Commercial office planning and design is now a major industry in it’s own right, with more and more brands recognising the value of investing in the day-to-day environment of the business and the benefits that it can bring.

The office can play a major role in the client experience, helping to secure new business and build rapport. It is an extension of your brand and should communicate the same culture and values as any other part of your marketing. When people visit your premises they are immersed in this culture, so make it a positive experience and make the right impression. When prospective clients come to your offices they are weighing up the proposition of working with you as soon as they come through the door. It is about stamping your brand personality on the space and taking ownership of it.

It’s not just about plastering your logo all over the building. When it comes to the office environment, your brand becomes a three-dimensional, tangible thing that people interact with. The atmosphere that you cultivate within your office is part of your brand. Is it calm and corporate or modern and funky? Whatever you want it to be, the physical layout, style of furnishing and even the magazines you have on the table in the reception are manifestations of your brand. So consider the detail and align your choices with the outlook of your brand.

Consider the brand assets that you have in place and how they can be used to dress your working environment. Colours and typography can be used to great effect to create mood and reinforce the brand message. You may have developed some visual elements as part of your website, such as symbols or illustrations. Why not use these in some way to bring some consistency? Many companies commission photography for specific projects and fail to utilise them for other areas of the business.

ThirdWay Interiors use bespoke brand graphics to enhance their office space. Photo by Tom Fallon Photography.

We recently gave the 6rs studio a bit of a freshen up, not only because we fancied a change but because it needs to be an inspirational space that motivates our team and is conducive to creative and productive work. It is motivating for the team to see the company investing in the studio and improving their working environment. Everyone gets a lift from the evolution of the office space. It shows that the company is striving to improve and not standing still. Statistics show that a good working environment can help attract and retain top talent, enhancing the company’s reputation as a good brand to work for.

So take ownership of your space, invest in your working environment and you will see the benefits. The spaces that we cultivate for ourselves say a lot about us, both personally and professionally. Don’t underestimate the role your office space plays in the development of your business, from a cultural and financial perspective. Be memorable, be yourselves and make your space your own.



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