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Getting responsive to Google’s update

by Owen
by Owen

It’s clear to see, looking around us every day, that mobile is becoming the predominant platform for internet use. This means the majority of people are finding company websites through a mobile device.

Google, favouring mobile-friendly websites, has now thrown somewhat of a spanner into the search system works.

Currently, if your website is not mobile friendly, it will find itself penalised and ranking lower on Google’s search engine (basically, they’re kicking you to the back of the race).

While this update may be over-looked by many who are unaware of its implications, for some businesses who do not have a responsive website, their ranking will suffer, especially the smaller businesses. In effect, you could be losing a lot of business to competitors who rank higher.

That’s why it is more important now than ever to make sure your website is responsive.

A responsive website will adapt to the platform it is being viewed from, making it easily viewable. Loading times are also reduced which will keep people on your pages! Less of the “buffer-face”.

While some may say this is an unfair system which favours bigger companies, mobile use is growing and will continue to do so. Thus, we have to move with the times and businesses must be accessible on a mobile platform to stay ahead – or at least keep up – with the competition.

So don’t be left in the digital dark-ages!
Get responsive and get in touch with us.

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