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COVID-19: A chance to tackle that to-do list?

by Owen
by Owen
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With the coronavirus outbreak forcing businesses to adapt to difficult circumstances, is this a chance to address those marketing tasks that you've been putting off?

Make no mistake, these are challenging times for business owners. Hot on the heels of the Brexit uncertainty, the COVID-19 crisis once again has the business community under duress. But how do we make the best of a bad situation? Where do you want your business to be when we do emerge from this latest adversity? Towards the end of 2019, the creative industry was suffering at the hands of political uncertainty and things were a bit quiet. Projects were slow to progress and many proposals went unanswered. It was an uncomfortable time.

In times of crisis, marketing is often the first thing perceived to be expendable, when in fact it plays a vital role in pulling a business out of a slump. So we decided to lead by example and took the opportunity to update our brand, refresh our website and address our Adwords campaign, all long-standing tasks that had been consistently marginalised in favour of carrying out client work. The result was that we started 2020 with momentum and were perfectly positioned once the Brexit fog began to clear.

So why not use this latest disruption a chance to reflect, reshape and refine your marketing? Here are a few examples of things you could address to ensure your business is fighting fit in the months to come…

Review your branding
Does your existing logo and brand portray the business in the right way or could it be time for a refresh?

Update your website
With many meetings being cancelled, your website is your primary form of communication with the world. Is it making a good impression?

Create content
Have you been struggling for social media content? Do you even have a strategy in place for the year? Now is a great time to create content and show the world that you have something to say.

Generate leads
With the economic impact of COVID-19, new business will be harder to come by. Putting effective sales funnels and inbound marketing strategies together can help ease the pressure and increase sales. Have you tried Google Adwords before? Could your SEO strategy do with being reviewed and improved?

Find new routes to market
With some traditional marketing methods constrained by the crisis, how about looking in to advertising on Instagram and Facebook? Or perhaps you could smarten up your LinkedIn company profile? Many companies are creating digital brochures that can be emailed across to prospective customers.

Yes these are challenging times for business owners, so any positives you can create from the current situation will be all the sweeter and help your business come out the other side stronger. And if we can help you with any of those marketing tasks you’ve been putting off then please let us know.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some words that are often attributed to the late, great Spike Milligan:

Smiling is infectious, you can catch it like the flu. When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.

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