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Improve online engagement

by Owen
by Owen

Your website is always available 24 hours a day, it is your shop window and has the potential to be your most effective marketing tool and generate business leads.

A website is commonly the second brand touch point and in some cases can also be your first through online advertising. It is very important that your website can:

  • Be found for relative keywords
  • Ranks well on Google
  • Aesthetically look good
  • Delivers content well to make the user take action.

Let’s take a look at my tips to creating a website that can work more effectively for your business.

1. Define your target audience

To maximise interest and more importantly sales you need to understand your customer, speak their language and know how you can help solve their problems.

Investing in market research and analysis services will identify key information and behaviours  to understand customer personas and craft marketing tactics that can be implemented into the website.

2. Create IA (Information Architecture)

Information architecture is used to organise and structure your website to create a positive user experience. Using the rule of three (a user can find the information they are looking for within three clicks) we work with our clients to structure their content and simplify their site navigation.

3.Define target keywords

A great looking website with no visitors does not bode well in business. To drive ‘quality’ traffic towards your website you need to focus the words or phrases relating to your services/products that people will search for.

It is wise to hire a web agency like 6rs to carry out in research & analysis for ‘local’ high performing keywords. Later in the build phase we can strategically implement them into the website to help drive quality traffic and reduce your bounce rate.

4.Quality Content

Before any design takes place you need to organise and plan the content you wish to apply to the website. Your content is the lifeblood of your website and needs to be interesting, educational and engaging to your target audience.

Hire a copywriter – A copywriter can articulate copy about your business that will connect, persuade and influence your target audience into making a decision using a tone unique to your brand. We strongly promote copywriters to increase quality of content and create useful, relevant content for SEO purposes.

Hire a photographer – A professional photographer will be able to capture a more personable look and feel of the business and build a portfolio of images, which will be reflective of the brand. Profile shots can also be used for social media profiles and project a coherent look on multiple brand touchpoints.

5.Wire framing

Using the site Information Architecture and content a wire-frame is similar to creating a blueprint for a website, purely focusing on a site’s structure and placement of components. When dealing with a complex website build this method lends itself well to a project and aids us in advising our clients the best layout for user engagement.

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