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The Photographer’s Perspective

by Owen
by Owen

At 6rs we love to collaborate with other creatives to achieve the best possible result for a client and their brand. From time to time, we find ourselves working alongside some fantastic creatives, ranging from photographers and sign writers, to copywriters and illustrators.

But why should we get all the fun eh?! We’re doing a series of posts with some of the creatives we have worked with to share their thoughts on the creative process and give us all an insight in to what they do. This week we’ve been talking to photographer Tom Fallon, and here is what he had to say.

Tell us a little bit about your photography and what you shoot?
I shoot mainly interiors and architecture, but also a bit of food and the odd portrait. When capturing a space, I like to photograph the interior as a whole but then focus on the details in the design that make up that space. Whether it be how the light falls in an area or the beauty of some well crafted joinery, it’s these additional elements that tell the story of a space, showing the viewer the textures, tones, scale and feeling of being there.

The aim of photography is to communicate the personality and identity of the brand to the consumer

What kind of brands and companies do you work for?
I work with quite a wide variety of clients within interior design and architecture, ranging from clean and fun office design to high-end reclaim and salvage residential design, and also luxury hotels.

What role does/can photography play in a company brand?
The aim of photography is to communicate the personality and identity of the brand to the consumer, encouraging them to aspire to the brand’s vision and, ultimately, buying into it.

What is the relationship between photographer and design agency?
When working with a design agency you have to translate their idea and enhance it through your own vision, transforming it into a visual representation. It is important to try to meet all of their expectations but at the same time inform them if an idea won’t work due to time, cost or any other constraint.

What challenges do you face? 
Weather is alway a tricky one, as you often have to work with what you’ve got on the day. The other is small spaces, trying to get as much in as possible without it looking like a fisheye lens shot, and still creating a pleasing composition.

What are the common mistakes that companies make when commissioning photography projects? 
Lack of direction. When a company doesn’t know what they want, it is extremely hard for a photographer. Sometimes this direction has to come from the creative agency.

You can check out some of Tom’s work at the following:

Website: www.tomfallon.photography

Twitter: @TheTomFallon

Instagram: @TheTomFallon

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