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Black Friday puts brands in the pink

by Owen
by Owen

Companies took full advantage of email marketing to encourage customers to loosen the purse strings for Black Friday weekend offers.

For many, the bombardment of emails was maddening, with a flood of emails informing us of the great savings on offer. But with Black Friday online sales up by 12% from last year, some brands have proven what an effective marketing method email marketing is.

So how did they do it?

1) Don’t let loyal customers feel left out

Businesses know that they are likely to have a sure sale when targeting their repeat customers. To maintain their loyalty and certify a sale, brands offered repeat customers special offers or early insight to the deals. Customers will choose this brand over a new one for sure with the assurance they are getting special treatment and are in with the chance of getting a better deal than someone else.

2) Time is of the essence

With a limited time of 24 hours, or for some companies the whole 3 days of the weekend, customers are keen to make sure they find a great deal. Some businesses, such as Amazon, homed in on the limited time period by listing products with a timescale and countdown for when the deal on that particular product would end. This created a sense of urgency with their customers to buy more and ensure they didn’t miss out! Their emails highlighted the exclusivity of their deals encouraging shoppers to browse online.

3) Personalised shopping – offer unique codes and offers

Customers like to know they are getting a great deal, but they also love to know they are getting something one off or that they are first to see the deals. That’s why brands have offered personalised codes and special offers to customers. Online firm ‘hotels.com’ offered customers a unique discount from 1% to 99% off of any booking when signing up to their emails. This technique offered the element of surprise to customers but was also a gain for the company, as they acquired the email addresses of everyone who signed up (so next year they can target them all again)!

4) Email series – start early and nurture

With the rush and intensity of brands fighting for more sales than their competitors during the Black Friday weekend, the brands that planned and started marketing early gained more interest. Brands planted the seed among customers with emails leading up to the event and continued to remind buyers of their offers to come. With almost every company offering a deal on the Black Friday weekend, it’s difficult for customers to visit every website and every store so email marketing has offered a way to nurture customers and showcase their stand-out deals.

5) Social media integration

The overall aim for companies over this sales event is to grow their customer base and expand their business presence. Therefore, some brands were linking their email campaigns with social media platforms to increase engagement. Companies, after all, want to keep the interest of customers beyond the Black Friday weekend.

What is key for brands is that their retail platform is responsive to all devices. With the limited time of deals and offers, many workers took to their phones and tablets to shop on their lunch break or commute, eager not to lose out. That’s why companies have to ensure the process is as seamless as possible in order for customers to optimize their shopping time but also spend time shopping on their website.

So how many of your sales occurred because of your Black Friday offerings? As much as customers may have been angrily deleting sales email, they are sure to have quickly read what the offer was in the title beforehand. With people around the globe becoming inseparable from work mode, emails are constantly being checked – particularly on mobile devices. Therefore, businesses need to take hold of the opportunity and use it to their advantage to maximise sales.

Your business could benefit from an email marketing campaign and to find out how, get in touch with us!

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