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5 Tips on How to Increase Conversion Rates

by Owen
by Owen

The ultimate goal is to build trust in the visitor’s mind to make them feel that they are making a sound and confident decision when enquiring or buying from you. Below we have listed some helpful tips that we introduce to clients which will change their websites into a marketing tool to generate leads.

1. Headline

The headline plays a BIG part in first impressions. Try to create a headline with a ‘unique value proposition’ that resonates with your visitors, i.e:
‘Start an Account’ – Why should I? I have no idea about your company?
‘30 day free trail on all our accounts’ – OK, sounds interesting. I want to scroll down and read more.

2. Social Proof

  1. Customer testimonials – People who champion you and your company.
  2. Case studies – A detailed overview listing the goals set, challenges you faced and how you and your company were able to deliver.
  3. Social media – VERY POWERFUL TOOL – Use to document your projects i.e. before, during and after. Get testimonials/comments and likes on your posts.
  4. Online Videos – Capture behind the scenes how your company operates and showcase what makes your business special.

3. Credibility

  1. Detail your ‘expertise’ in industry.
  2. Years in business.
  3. Facts and figures – i.e. How many orders or cases completed/shipped, customers you have helped etc.
  4. Customer satisfaction – i.e. Trust Pilot, Trip Advisor, Survey Monkey
  5. Industry accreditations / certificates
  6. Awards – Winner and Finalists

4. Clear Contact Info

  1. Telephone/email link in prominent position (usually to right).
  2. Clear contact information.
  3. Live chat – engage users while they are on your website to increase conversion.
  4. Always list a landline. If listing a mobile it does not look very professional and does not build the sense of ‘stability’ in the visitor’s mind.

5. Short Forms

  1. Ask for the bare essentials (Name, Tel, Email etc) to reduce interrupting the user from submitting/purchasing – If you require a lot of information try to collect the majority on a follow up phone call.
  2. Use offer/promotion download in exchange for the visitor’s details.
  3. Build a database to market towards.

Measure – The most important tool to show performance and analyse data to make informed decisions to make refinements and enhance conversions.
Install Google Analytics – It is an amazing tool and we highly recommend it.

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