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Isolation doesn’t mean alone – Brook donation campaign

by Owen
by Owen
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In the midst of the Covid crisis, charities need our support more than ever. Brook needed an eye-catching and heart-felt campaign to continue their vital support of vulnerable young people in the UK.

Charities have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis, with funding shortfalls and logistical headaches affecting their ability to deliver vital services to those who need it most. And with more charities launching emergency appeals, Brook needed to tell their unique story and raise awareness of their work supporting young peoples’ sexual health and wellbeing. Director of Digital & Comms, Laura Hamzic, said “Covid forced us to get on and act. We needed to get something out there that would help to drum up support at a time when we are so worried about the vulnerable young people out there that need our help.”

Our approach was to create a slick and powerful campaign that drew attention to the vulnerability of some young people. In a time when we’re all being encouraged to stay home, it’s important to highlight the fact that it’s not a safe place for everyone and can leave some isolated and at risk. The key objective was to make the connection in peoples’ minds between donations and Brook’s work to reach and support those in need. Other assets created for the campaign focused on the front-line workers in the clinics and the essential services that continued financial support was helping them to provide.

6rs took a brief and creatively executed it – to real results. In less than a week, 10% of our fundraising target had been met and we’ve had brilliant feedback. I feel so lucky that we have found 6rs and have the relationship with them that we do.

The campaign assets had to work well across a wide range of digital platforms, including the website, newsletter and social media channels. We made some much needed improvements to the donation page on the website, including embedding a new donation facility that also enhanced the user journey. Images of young people and frontline staff in their PPE helped to emote supporters and create a compelling proposition.

You can donate to the Brook campaign here

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