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What is… A Good Idea?

by Owen
by Owen
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They shape the world we live in and influence our day-to-day decision making, but do we give ideas the respect they deserve? What weight and value do you give to a good idea? And what is a good idea anyway?!

Napoleon Hill once said: “Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes.” At sixredsquares, we place ideas at the centre of everything we do and use them to propel our clients’ businesses forwards. Everything positive in our company stems from a good idea. We love them so much, we’ve built our brand around them!

Yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking, we’re a creative agency right? We should be full of ideas. Unfortunately, that’s not a given. In an age of short-cuts and replication, ideas are being suppressed in favour of quick wins and cost savings, often resulting in half-baked concepts that don’t deliver results.

So how do we define a good idea and how can it benefit your business?

It’s differentiation
No one ever stood out by looking like everyone else. Ideas create a point of difference and add personality to your proposition in peoples’ minds. Originality and innovation are at the heart of the most engaging brands, and a marketing campaign with a strong idea or theme underpinning it is far more incisive. Make yourself difficult to ignore.

It’s motivation
Ideas get people excited. If you can align people behind a central idea, then you have a powerful tool. Whether it’s your target customers or your staff, a good idea can motivate and mobilise them. If you’re not excited by your brand or marketing message, no one else will be. Let’s get the blood pumping!

It’s a challenge
“But we’ve always done it this way.” So? Move with the times or get left behind. Ideas can drive positive change and keep your brand relevant. Sometimes you have to find a new way of doing things to rediscover your edge. It could be a refresh of a stale brand, integrating a new piece of technology, or advertising on social media for the first time. Be brave; it’ll be worth it.

It’s clarity
A good idea doesn’t always have to be a creative thing. It could be a plan. Looking to create a new app or piece of software? Developing a specification document to crystalise exactly how it will work is a very good idea, which will save you time and money and set clear expectations on all sides.

It’s caring
To unearth a good idea you have to dig deeper. It takes meaningful research and understanding to find a genuine solution to a problem. Respect the process by investing in it. If you want to create an e-commerce website that really engages your customers, then take the time to review their buying behaviour and create wireframes to ensure a smooth user experience. Don’t just buy a generic template and hack away at it. Build your site around your customers’ needs. They will reward your investment with sales and loyalty.


So, what is a good idea?
It’s a spark. It’s an angle. It’s a plan. It’s giving a damn. And every project should start with one. Good ideas lead to great results. So the next time you’re planning a marketing project, consider how much you really value ideas and how much a good one could benefit your business.

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