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The Art of Sign Writing

by 6rs
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My name is Charlotte Wright. Since finishing my degree in Graphic Design I have always been very interested in the handmade process of things. I like to sew, take photos on analog cameras and as I became involved in sign writing I became besotted with painting.

I am a freelance graphic designer and photographer with a big love for typography, in particular, the old tradition of sign painting. It started a few years ago when I worked in a pub and was asked to do some boards for the new wine list. I enjoyed it so much and wanted to see how far I could go with it. I soon became to understand it was typography I loved and the hand drawn way I could create it. 

I’ve taken a few courses in sign writing with well respected sign writers, such as Mike Meyer and Wayne Tanswell. These course were to help me with my technique, something I am still trying hard to work on. Everyday I subconsciously pick out sign writing and snap pieces that inspire me with my own work. I am slowly building up an idea of what I like most, something that will eventually help me with my own style of work.

As I have progressed through my journey of sign writing I have worked on many different projects. Each one more interesting and exciting than the last and more opportunities to do what I enjoy. They include, festival signage, shop front signs, menu boards, pub signs, skateboard designs, fashion show signage, house number/names and decorative artwork based on memories and plays on words. 

In the future I hope to keep on working on more exciting projects and commissions and hopefully define my style to create personal designs to sell. I love the full process of sign writing, coming up with the design, putting it together, building up the layers of paint to then see a final creation. I think the industry is making a huge come back and people are appreciating the aesthetic of the hand rendered process much more. Sign writing for business, i.e. shop frontage, a-boards etc, is so much more hard wearing than other newer mediums such as vinyl. There are ghost signs all over London from years back still standing strong. It’s a labour of love and can be challenging but I know its going to be a part of my life for a long time to come.

For more details on my work head over to charlotte-wright.co.uk

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