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Move because you can, not because you have to.

by Owen
by Owen

All too often we make decisions because we feel we have to. Circumstances dictate that we must take a certain course of action to fix a problem, overcome a hurdle or get where we need to go. We’re reacting, responding, finding a solution. But what if we placed more importance on what we want and not what we need? What if we thought proactively and adopted an approach of constant evolution rather than sticking our finger in the dam? If you’re only moving when you have to then that means you’ve been doing a lot of standing still.

Like most things in life, your brand needs consistent care and attention if you want it to develop. You don’t only water plants when they start to wither after all.

A brand is a living, breathing thing that needs to be nurtured; it is not a self-sustaining thing. Often businesses only address their branding and wider corporate identity when they are forced to by circumstances such as a change of premises, re-structure or poor sales. But if you wait until your brand identity is looking dated and tired before you make changes, then you’re just reacting to a situation that could have been prevented by a more positive, proactive outlook. Sure, budget and time are important considerations but waiting to make changes until you absolutely have to, frequently costs you more and takes more of your time.

This last week I have found myself¬†incapacitated and on crutches because of a sports injury and, as a consequence, have a renewed respect for the importance of movement. It’s funny how you only seem to place true value on something when it’s taken away from you. And the same is true of business.


So many of our clients at 6rs come to us amid problems with sales, poor customer engagement, falling market share or damaged brand reputation. All issues that have eaten away at the business and now need fixing. When we ask them why they thought now was the optimum time to come and see us they often reply that the problem has only just arisen and forced them to take action. But effective brand management can prevent such situations ever coming to pass. Adopting the ‘If it ain’t broke…’ approach only means that you have to fix when it breaks. If you consistently invest in your brand then it will always remain current and relevant.

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