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School of Communication Arts website goes live

by Owen
by Owen
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We weren't about to let a global pandemic get in the way of delivering a brand spanking new website for the SCA, the most awarded advertising school in the world.

When we were approached with the opportunity to work with the SCA on the development of their new website, we jumped at the chance. The 6rs team are used to working with organisations from all manner of industries, but the SCA’s reputation for producing and nurturing top young talent in the creative sector is unparalleled and we were genuinely thrilled to team up with them for this project. And despite only being based down the road in Brixton, the whole thing was completed remotely!

The brief was to create a vibrant and creative site that communicated the personality and purpose of the school, whilst showcasing the work of students. The school’s brand had to come through loud and clear and it had to be highly-responsive and search engine-friendly, with the blog playing a prominent role in delivering a content-rich experience for users.

A bold, visually-led design was created to effectively communicate the personality of the school and engage the young, creative audience. The navigation structure was refined and obsolete content stripped away to make the site more intuitive for users. Student work, blogs and testimonials were brought to the fore and the integration of  video and social media content help to bring everything to life. Small details, like the creation of custom cursors and image carousels, give the site a modern and branded feel. The student application process was streamlined and we introduced an agile system to capture enquiries and record data (compliant with GDPR regulations) to help SCA gain a greater understanding of their applicants. Given the demographic of the target audience, it was key that the site was user-friendly on mobile devices and fully content manageable for the SCA staff and students to upload new content on a regular basis. Payment gateways were also integrated to facilitate online payments for courses and other products.

Before COVID-19, and without ever meeting them, we hired 6rs to redo our school’s website. The virus came along and we could no longer teach in classrooms and needed to launch a distance learning business overnight. With 6rs, that’s just what we’ve managed to do.”
Marc Lewis, Dean, SCA

Ordinarily we would have several face-to-face meetings throughout the course of a project, but a busy SCA schedule and a global pandemic meant that we had to manage and progress the whole thing remotely. Although not ideal, we have carried out many projects remotely for clients and tools such as Trello, InVision and Slack helped to keep a good line of communication, as well as monitor progress throughout the design and development process, towards launch. We also got to experience Remo, which the SCA is now using to deliver its distance learning program to students. With everyone in the loop, this project was a great example of delivering a quality result under remote conditions, as well as unusual circumstances!

Take a look at the new site here schoolcommunicationarts.com and let us know what you think.

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