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6rs monthly social: Pick Me Up London 2015

by Hannah
by Hannah Smith

Every month, team 6rs get social together; whether it be attending an event or doing a team building activity. This month we headed to London to visit the art exhibition ‘Pick Me Up’ at Somerset House.

My initial impression of the exhibition was that its variety in ways of presenting the artwork was really engaging. On entering, we saw some detailed work which hung on the walls which gave the feel that we were at an intimate art gallery. It was in this section that I also learnt about new techniques such as electro-static materials.

Then upstairs lead you to a more relaxed, work-shop based exhibition. The artists sat alongside their work, some of which you could look upon doing their own work or you could get involved in contributing and trying for yourself, which was both inspiring and interesting.

photo 19

At the end of the exhibition, there was a huge array of wonderful products to buy and the book store was quite possibly the favourite part of the exhibition for many of our team!

However, as much as my shopaholic-radar was on high alert, they were pretty pricey as you could imagine.

So while I enjoyed the whole experience, I think it would have been even better to actually have seen more artists’ displaying their work. While less can a lot of the time be more, and boredom can easily set in, I would have like to see more work as you could have breezed through the exhibition in no time.


But what I have gained from the exhibition most, is the abundance of inspiration to offer.

From the colour combinations to the shape formulations, I particularly loved the work of company ‘ohhdeer.com’. Their work was simple and elegant, I just couldn’t resist buying a pack of their mini-notebooks (which still remain to be filled with my own ideas and notes). They also make humorous prints which were endearingly simple yet very effective and our whole team laughed-out-loud at many of their ‘punny’ ideas. Check them out!

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