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Shore Creating a safe space online for young people effected by sexual behaviour

Working with The Lucy Faithfull Foundation, the charity responsible for setting up the Shore initiative, our aim was to approach the subject matter of sexual behaviour in young people with sensitivity and honesty, developing an information-rich online resource and creating a warm and inviting brand that engaged the target audience and empowered the Shore team to educate.

What we did
  • Branding
  • Web design & development
shorespace.org.uk ↬

Creating a safe and non-judgemental space for young people

The objective was to develop a friendly and non-judgemental brand identity that had the versatility to work across digital and print media, with water-tight brand guidelines and an asset library to inform application of the brand going forward. The core brand would focus on the theme of communication and positioning Shore as a safe space for confidential help and support. The website would be the focal point of that support, with a self-help resource hub that helps to prevent harmful sexual behaviour amongst young people. It was essential to the success of the site that we made resources easy to navigate to and use anonymously, so young people knew that they could come to Shore without risk. Consultation with the target audience at the beginning of the project showed that they wanted clear, exact and upfront information that would help them feel more informed. They wanted the website to be a safe online space to learn and ask about sex.

Our approach

An illustrative route was adopted, using simple shapes and developing a range of animated characters to help convey complex and sensitive subject matter in an accessible way that didn’t need to address gender or ethnicity. It also meant that the characters could be developed for different purposes going forward. We wanted the brand to feel as inclusive and approachable as possible, punctuating content and providing light relief to a matter-of-fact copy style. A positive colour palette was selected to keep the tone of the brand upbeat and symbolise the hope it offers, without trying too hard to be ‘youthful’. Accessibility considerations informed choices around typefaces and the development of other graphical elements that could guide the user through content.

The website was developed with a custom integration to the WordPress platform, giving the Shore team an intuitive back-end solution that would allow them to keep content fresh and up to date quickly and easily. It also meant that the charity wasn’t tied to any proprietary technology. A mobile-first design approach ensured that the young target audience would benefit from an excellent user experience on mobile devices and the integration of chat facility provided a chance to talk to the Shore team confidentially and securely.

Robust brand guidelines foster alignment and boosts consistency.

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