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Lilongwe Wildlife Trust Securing a future for Malawi’s wildlife and wild places

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust is Malawi’s leading conservation organisation, fighting some of the country’s most pressing environmental threats and disrupting illegal wildlife and forest trade. We supported them with the development of an impactful new website and refreshed brand. 

What we did
  • Brand development
  • Web design & development
lilongwewildlife.org ↬

The Lilongwe team were looking for a new charity website that effectively represented their mission and impact to key audiences, as well as showcasing work to encourage donations and partnerships from a range of donors and stakeholders. The site needed to educate people on the scale of the issue and demonstrate how every donation can help save an animal life. This wasn’t a case of dressing a website with a series of cute animal images; we needed to build emotional connection to the cause that the LWT are fighting for.

After reviewing the existing brand, it was decided that it could do with a subtle refresh to give it more impact and versatility, whilst retaining the heritage of the original identity. The introduction of bolder, modern typefaces, an expanded colour palette and a series of graphical assets created more flexibility and opportunities for the Lilongwe team when using the brand. The logo was adjusted to improve legibility at smaller sizing and a new landscape lockup developed. This update to the brand helped to modernise the charity’s proposition, without the need for wholesale change. 

The website was designed to showcase the work and impact of the charity, with a bold and visually-led style that utilised a library of imagery and statistics to send a powerful message to the audience. We wanted the passion and personality of the Trust to shine through and feel unmistakably ‘them’. Their work demands attention, compassion, and action, so an assertive approach to messaging and design was used to reflect these principles. They are here to communicate the challenges faced by wildlife in Malawi openly and honestly, leaving the audience in no doubt as to the scale of the issue and the level of support needed. Demonstrating the impact of the charity’s work to date, through the use of statistics and first-hand stories, helped to create a sense of optimism and empower the user by equipping them with ways to help.

As with most charities, the website needed to speak to a varied audience, ranging from national and international partners to members of the public. User journeys for these different audience types were mapped out and designs built around their expectations and motivations, connecting them with key content quickly and easily. Every user type was matched to a corresponding call to action, which was clearly signposted to provoke action. The process for donors and volunteers had to be visible and intuitive, creating a positive user experience and bringing tangible value to the charity.

The design refresh has modernised our brand, giving us a striking visual identity. The new site makes it easier for donors and volunteers to connect with our work. ” — Pádraic MacOireachtaigh, Development Manager, Lilongwe Wildlife Trust

The site development featured a custom integration to WordPress and the Elementor block builder, allowing the LWT team to update content and create new pages quickly and easily. In a fast-moving environment, the ability to add new stories, statistics and educational articles can make the difference in securing new donors and fresh partnerships. The charity wanted to have a level of agility and autonomy that would allow them to stay at the forefront of the conversation of Malawi’s most pressing environmental threats.

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