Waymade Capital website wins Vega Digital Award

If there is ever a time to win an award, it’s in January. The skies are grey and those boxing day sandwiches are making you contemplate a gym membership renewal. So imagine our delight when an email from the Vega Digital Awards lands in our inbox to inform us that we’ve won for our work on the Waymade Capital website. Good times are here again!

The Waymade Group is a series of companies owned by the Patel family, operating across the pharma, property, private equity and philanthropy sectors. 6rs has been working with them to bring a modern look and feel to the online presence of the companies within the group, with the Capital site serving as the focal point. We wanted to create a site that was clean and corporate, but that also had some clever functionality and features to help it stand out from the crowd and make it a little more engaging than traditional sites in the pharma and business spaces.

We always try to give every site a bit of an edge. It’s the fine details that give sites a personality and make them engaging. With Waymade it was a case of communicating the necessary information in a way that made it more digestible and enticing to read. Peter, 6rs Creative Director

The Vega awards recognise excellence in the digital marketing sector and we’re obviously chuffed to add another award to the collection. It’s always nice to have the respect of your industry peers but it also demonstrates the standards that we set ourselves for every project. When designing and developing websites we’re always looking to create something original that stands out. If the site is successful, then we’re successful. What client doesn’t like having an award-winning website?!

Congrats to the team and we’ll be pushing for some more awards as the year progresses.

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