Improving financial education through online learning

Skills are the currency of the 21st century and Blackbullion are an organisation tackling the issue of financial education in a bright and engaging way. A modern and contemporary brand, Blackbullion were seeking a partner agency to help develop their online education system concept, as well as their own brand and marketing presence.


The challenge

Taking the traditionally complex topic of finance and making it digestible and engaging.

Building the brand

The company needed to develop an identity that reflected professional credentials but also let the personality and ethos of the company shine through. Creating a modern and versatile brand that could be rolled out across a wide variety of touch points was integral to the brief.

In addition to the creation of the corporate identity, the team have worked closely with the client to develop the business proposition for potential customers and investors, in the form of presentation decks and pitch material that clearly communicate product benefits and outline the objectives of the business.

As the company has grown and progressed through several rounds of funding, the brand has been evolved to keep pace with the development and direction of the business. Some assets have had to be phased out or refined as the company has matured its tone and honed the proposition. Having worked with Blackbullion from start-up concept through to proven product, which is now accessible to over 100,000 students across the UK, the 6rs team has established a deep understanding of the business model and cultivated a marketing plan to help it realise its objectives.


Developing the system

6rs was tasked with developing the specification for the system, structuring user flow and functionality, before designing the front-end interface and building the back-end technology. The objective was to allow users to learn with convenience and no schedules, earn rewards, get social, and self-assess to ensure effectiveness.

The system features interactive modules that direct users through a program of learning, with a diverse range of bespoke content that includes videos, quizzes and tests, as well as downloadable resources. Sophisticated tools, such as a budget calculator which allows users to input their own financial details and develop a personal budget, were developed to encourage interactivity and enhance the user benefits. An element of gamification was achieved through the introduction of a points system that rewards learning progression and increases user retention. An administrator dashboard provides insight through smart analytics and reporting.

The system has been systematically tested and refined as usage has grown. The way in which content is presented has evolved in light of feedback from customers and user interaction data. Different iterations have been created as new features have become relevant.

Carving out a presence online

As the main proposition tool, the Blackbullion website anchors all of the brand’s marketing activity and the brief was to strike a balance between being informative and engaging, carrying the brand look and feel in a way that appeals to the different audience demographics.

The website is a responsive design and build, with product information communicated in a clear, visually-led style that users can engage with and digest quickly and easily. The design is vibrant and punchy, directing them to key call to actions. A landing page style layout was adopted to encourage interactivity and keep content light.


Accessible to over 100,00 students


Features such as videos, quizzes, and tests to engage users


Points system to reward learning and increase user retention


We built the system to work on any device so students can access it wherever they are.

“I’ve been working with 6rs for over 4 years and they are an integral part of my team. They manage to get to the essence of what I need and want. They deliver great work, on time and on budget. They also provide a deeper vision so I can see beyond what I thought I wanted. The relationship with 6rs has been a constant thread through the development and growth of Blackbullion.”

Vivi Friedgut, Blackbullion Founder