My sixty seconds networking pitch – web and online marketing

sixredsquares sixty seconds networking pitch - web and online marketing

As part of my role as a co-founder of 6rs I network at least once a week in London. Each week I have sixty seconds to engage and educate to my fellow members what it is I or my company do.

How does networking work for me?

  • The training and support from the networking group helps shape and refine my networking skills, provide structure and increase confidence when public speaking.
  • It helps me expand my network, build rapport and refer as well as receive work.
  • It has had a positive influence on our brand, raises our profile, and helps us be seen as a trusted advisor.

Below are the steps I take to write a clear and concise sixty seconds speech to engage and educate my audience.

First, I create a structure:

  • Point of pain / something common the audience can identify with.
  • Address point of pain – What can I do about it? (really important)
  • Keep it niche and outline related services to this pain (not every service you offer).
  • Introduce myself, our business and a little bit about the company.
  • Explain who I am looking to be introduced to and why.
  • Repeat my name, company and what we specialise in.

Now, for a little rehearsal and refining of words to make sure it sounds right, makes sense and fits within 60 seconds. Watch out Hollywood!



A really powerful start to your speech would be to begin with the words ‘What if…’ or ‘Imagine…’.


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